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    Talking HI for ppl on the old atari forums.. its me vengance

    LOL hi i used to use the atari forums A LOT XD and my old name was vengance... some of you might know me like diablo and a few more.. but i thought i would just say.. does anyone want to go for a cruise on either xbox or pc?? coz i have modded pc.. a lot xD and i love it lots.. i am an ace on xbox and had to start fresh on pc coz it wont log onto online with my old acount.. now everything is named SST SENATOR :P ALSO.. yeah.. who wants to cruise? amaybe our rs4's? for me with the mods u will come up as a BMW M3 hope to c anyone up for it !

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    to TDU:C

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    awsome another aussie welcome to TDU-C

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    They're still "alive". Anyway welcome.

    Favorite Car: Aston Martin DB7 Vantage in green.
    Used to be astontdu
    Merry Christmas!

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    Hello there, I'm on the Atari forums aswell.
    Welcome to TDU:C!


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