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    Default Using existing TDU sounds

    Id hate to start a new thread about this but havent seen about it. Sorry if I did miss. I try and never make request. I cant get the Holden Effigy Concept Car sounds file to work with the Mustang GTR. I personally think that it would sound friggin awesomee on the GTR. I tried using audcity and reworking the sounds to be exact as possible as the GTR ones but cant get it to work. I would absolutely appreciate if someone could get the effigy sounds to work with the GTR.

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    Um. Rename the Efigy to the GTR file? Wouldn't that work?

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    I would think it would work to rename it as well?

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    It depends on file sizes. To avoid this problem, download Djey's famous Magic Map.

    Oh, and if you like the TVR Sagaris, but thinks it needs a new sound, try my mod:

    Recognize it from somewhere?

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    ...Norton deleted it.
    Maybe you should return the favour to Norton.

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    I did try renaming it as well. Did not work. Thanks your reply. I shall give the Magic Map a try. Just used the Magic Map. It worked. Renamed the Effigy sound to gtrs, and bam much better gtr sounds. Thanks.
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    The GR-1, Cobra Concept have the same sound, except it sounds a little bit better

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    maybe cutting GTR files helps???


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