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    Default Hi im new here serial


    I m new here

    I have download Test Drive Unlimited and when the game ask me for serial i add one serial but it said this

    "Activation process has been terminated. Please make sure the SERIAL has been entered correctly.
    Press BACK to attempt another activation, click MANUAL ACTIVATION to activate manually or press CANCEL to abort. In case the problem still persists please contact mailto:[email protected]m.

    The SERIAL was not found in the database. Most likely the SERIAL has been entered incorrectly."

    Can anyone help me?

    I want to play TDU


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    This post will probably be deleted, but Use an illegal serial JUST TO INSTALL IT and then when it's installed, press Windows+R, type "%ProgramData%" (without the quotations) and go to the Test Drive Unlimited folder, then open up the CD-KEY.txt file, and input your own LEGAL serial key.

    If you have an illegal copy of TDU. Then my help stops here.

    PS Welcome to TDU:C

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    seriously this game is cheap now you can pick it up on ebay for pennies now

    as for helping illegal copies i wont do it and neither will most from this forum

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    If you got it off a legit download thing and paid for it, email them and I'm sure they will sort out your problems. If you have got this illegally you will get no help on this forum.
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    all i can say is to consider whether your copy is illegal. Here are seven things to look for:

    1. is your box original
    2. does it come with manual
    3. does it come with map (some dont)
    4. is the sentence above the serial code in bold
    5. is the serial number .. ..-....-..//-..// (.= letter /= number)
    6. does the CD have writing around the outside
    7. is your CD printed with the correct coding

    otherwise, you could try to perhaps make up a code and see if that works. but if it is illegal, this forum can't help. you can phone ATARI customer support, they will definitely help you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonah794 »
    5. is the serial number .. ..-....-..//-..// (.= letter /= number)
    Why does that matter? Mine isn't. Neither do I have writing around the edge.
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    really? sorry, i thought that all CD's had to have that on

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    Did you actually *BUY* the game? If you bought it through digital download, you should contact Atari immediately and settle it. If you just downloaded it off a torrent site, don't even bother playing online. If you really want to play online, buy the game. It's cheap now and you can get it in bargain bins.


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