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    Smile Hello

    Hey, I'm not totally new here. I have visited here few times because I have TDU on X360. Now, I'm planning to buy PC version and I'm just wondering is there even much players Online? Another reason to buy PC version is Logitech G25. Third is mod cars, they look good but are they actually? I mean does mod car work Online? Others don't see it ofcourse because they haven't installed it probably?

    Hopefully I'll get answers.

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    Hello and welcome to TDUc!

    About Tdu players, I think there are still plenty of people playing TDU, perhaps not from this forum, but still
    About mod cars - if you install a mod, you are the only one who can see it, UNLESS other players install the exact same mod Does it make sense?

    Anyway, enjoy your stay

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    to TDU:C

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    Merry Christmas!

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    Welcome. And yay, another Finn


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