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    Smile Hello

    I just started TDU yesterday and would be happy to cruise.
    P.S. I don't give out personal information.

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    Default Re: Hello

    Hey there CarboyX, you are a secretive one aren't you ! Welcome to TDU Central and I see you have already added your gamespy id so I'm sure you will make friends here and on the island.

    I'm a bit mental.

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    Default Re: Hello

    Welcome boy...So you dont give any personal information, your afraid that we find were you live and ...LOL

    Just kiding, hope to see ya in Oahu (Test Drive Unlimited Island, not the real one)

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    Welcome to the fourms.. We have pleantly of racers on PC so I'm sure you'll find a few to cruise with!!
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    Welcome to the forum mate, have fun

    "Every action has a reaction. We've got one planet, one chance." - Tim McIlrath

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    Default Re: Hello



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