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  1. Test Drive Unlimited "Porsche Carrera"
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    Porsche Carrera.

    About Porsche Carrera 911 Photo.


    This Video:

    As most of the players TDU is not a stand-alone on-line users, over the official "1.66A" and the "MagePack" (46 vehicles) after the patch does not enter the game or after the car entered the game in the exhibition hall only However, the purchase of new cars can not see the menu to buy, and so on, I will own more than two patches over the TDU's Porsche vehicles in a separate document extracted into a small patch so that all are home TDU End To be able to drive the vehicle could not enter the game will not or can not buy the case!
    In addition, I also modified some of the details of the car parts; headlamps will be before and after sharpening, the former reflector headlamps dimmed dealt with after the original headlights taillights changed to dark red large red taillights and more real texture to the vehicle wheel change Porsche GT3 for the real special wheels, tires Porsche Center also shield emblem, the steering wheel center of the original "RUF" read the words Porsche shield emblem, the central tail of the vehicle's original "Rspyder" read the words "Carrera" Words.
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
    Install patches:
    Patch included in the "archive" and the "body, sound files" folder ~
    1. "Archive" of the "Test Drive Unlimited" to copy the folder "My Documents" can be (Note: Please back up well in advance your own archive to other sites, covering the mouth or you will replace the original Archive).
    2. "Body, sound files" in the "Euro" folder to copy the directory to the game, if it tips or replacement coverage, please select the "cover" or "replacement."
    I filed as a result of the various settings are transferred to the maximum, if your computer configuration is not high on his game, you set display options.
    This archive 100% degree of completion of the archive, because no network connection, stand-alone, then complete the degree shows that only 60% of the game in the main menu screen you can see a new option, click the second new election , Can be difficult to drive into the mode In this mode, a variety of vehicles to maximize the physical state of a moving vehicle to imitate the real physical state, this model has a relatively fun to drive, but not suitable for the use of race, freedom is only suitable for driving .


    Attention:Click here to download! → " 下载文件(IE浏览器) " or " 下载文件(非IE浏览器) "

  2. Test Drive Unlimited "Porsche Carrera" Comments
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    That's just a RK Spyder with Porsche Logo's.

    It doesn't matter how much horsepower your car has, it's about the smile on your face when you drive it.

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    Bas made this already and, if you want to make the Carrera, replace it with another car, IRL the Ruf RK Spyder is based on the Boxster, if you want to make a Carrera replace it with another 996 or 997 model whats already ingame.

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    isn't this basically the same as "TDU Mods: RUF --> Porsche Exterior, Interior and Map Mod (V2)"?

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    Yes indeed

    Don't get hard on my english, at least I try to do my very best !


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