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    Default One HELL of a Gamerscore ... and then some !

    Well not too sure where to post this but here will do ...

    Got back from a mates house last night and turned on the 360 for a quick stint and for some spurious reason I noticed my gamerscore ... I never really pay much attention to it ...

    So on All Hallows Weekend my gamerscores is ...

    Spooky ?
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    The 666 Legend isnt true. The real number of the beast is 616.
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    that's assuming the 'beast' is real in the first place

    pretty cool hybrid
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    *plays "Number of the Best" by Iron Maiden"

    And your the page, is red! XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pressurized »
    The 666 Legend isnt true. The real number of the beast is 616.
    Says on Wiki that it can be either. We have thought it is 666, but there is doubt now that it originally was 616. I even saw something about 888 in there, but cba to read it all. I make no sense today.

    Anyways, nice gamerscore, and one heck of a coinsidence, if it a coincidence that is...

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    Lmao, that is one hell of a gamerscore on Halloween . And who decided it was 616/666 in the first place? It was probably 777 til the 50s when the mobs from Vegas came and took it .

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    Nice and spooky!
    Quote Originally Posted by DriftNismo »
    And who decided it was 616/666 in the first place?
    The Bible
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    Thats well good hybrid, bit of a spooky coincidence

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    Sorry if it's off topic but thought I'd mention it here...

    I myself don't celebrate Halloween, but I was *really* bored that day and thought I'd watch some YouTube movies. I started looking up people's reactions to screamers (Scary Maze Game, Scary Car Advert etc.) I was watching one of them when I looked at the number of views... Yes, it was 666.

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    Dun Dun Dun!! *exorcist exercise music* That is creepy, creepy I tell you but at least there is another 6 there though even then the 6 itself is a very creepy number.

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