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    Default I got one for ya modders!

    This beast instead of the Saleen Extreme Coupe, no interior pics =(

    F355 instead of the 512 TR, would own =)

    Ford Hotrod instead of the Holden Efigy, I'd love cruising in a Hotrod =)

    Aston Martin One 77 instead of the Farboud.

    Datsun 240Z instead of a AC 289

  2. Cvitan is offline Rusted Banger
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    A ford 32 coupe would be really nice to have

  3. DriftNismo is offline 87 Civic GT
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    Would love to have a 240Z in the game, and a 280ZX would own too. And that Saleen looks like t3h sexiness, but Ford need to release a new Mustang soon, I can't tell the Saleens apart!

  4. Perkele is offline
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    A Hot Rod would be reeaaallly nice!


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