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    Default problem

    Hi. I am new user at this perfect forum.I have some questions.
    1. how can aj change rims on my car?
    2. were I can download registered Zmodeler 2.1.1?

    thanks. Sorry for my bad english, I am from Slovakia( Slovakia is a little country in central europe)

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    1 uhmm... i have never done that before, but i know it's possible... it's called rim swapping (i though) i'm going to find the topic about it
    2 Sorry but it's not allowed to talk about pirate stuff... You can download the demo version off Zmoder (google it, i dont know the excact site) and you can download there the Alfa GT pack so you can test a bit.

    hopefully this helps you a bit

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    thanks, I change rims but it very shiny, and it dont look very good and it look strange, where is the problem? [img=]

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    Also try Desrats TDU Toolkit, it's awesome


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