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    Default The First Time I Have Ever Found An F1 Lap Interesting

    And it is just one car...

    BMW's F1 '06 lapping the nordschliefe withNick Heidfeld at the wheel

    Honestly, F1 trully bores me stiff, I just dont find the tracks interesting enough. That video however, I got really into, I've never seen such an engauging onboard camera, all the while i am finding myself saying 'No way did he take that corner that fast' something I have never thought of when watching GPs

    Trully an automotive miracle, It would be amazing if the Nordshliefe was where the F1 was held again, It's just a shame it is too dangerous.
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    Actually it's not that dangerous if you know the track. Everybody makes it dangerous during TF as they can't drive or don't know the track
    Even i know the track, come on, they should learn it pretty fast then.

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    I know, wish they raced there. It would be so entertaining.

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    That was incredible. Near the beginning there were a few corners that I was just amazed by, staggering performance there.

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    He wasn't even going fast, he was just cruising around.
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