Volvo S80!

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    Default Volvo S80!

    Hi! Im new here at this forum and i have no skills of 3D modelling.
    So i desided to register myself and create this thread for getting some cars i always been looking for! I like the Volvo S80 and i really hope someone could make it!

    As i said, im nothing for modelling but i think one of the Lexus cars would be great to replace whit the S80 which got a similar performance. The wheels doesnt matter so much for me but it would be so nice if the S80 got a color like the picture. Otherwise, grey is OK.
    I dont know how many pictures i should give or if someone could look at google after more.
    The interior should be hard to create but if its able to do its shouldnt be hard to find some pictures. If its needed, i can add some more pictures.
    sorry for my bad english (if it is?) // Eddie

    this is how i really want it to look!
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    I'd rather go for a Saab 9-5 Aero

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    why not a S60 R?
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    haha i like saab to!
    but im want the S80 mostly.
    the S60 is almost the same but a little smaller, but theres nothing wrong with the R version!
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    looove sweeden autos

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    Quote Originally Posted by scaleopdriver »
    why not a S60 R?
    That's already been done, if I remember correctly, Grin did it.
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