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    Default In-game Menus too bright for my eyes!


    I posted this in the TDU for PC section, perhaps I should have tried this section aswell as it relates to the actual modding tools and support for them.

    Well, I wanted to know if anybody has managed to discover where in all those BNK/2DB files lies the files that make up the horrible bright white in-game menu backgrounds and tooltip/hint boxes background? Ya know the whole game's navigation system has the same white background for all the text you read.

    If someone has any ideas or indeed has already been able to tweak them in photoshop or similar programs then that would be great! I have all the tools (BNK editor/unpacker and 2DB>DDS converter) but there are so many files to convert and you can only do them one at a time!

    Anyhow the reason I wanted to know is because I want to make a little modification which would either darken this bright white background or change it's colour completely. I have found in most games I play, after a while my eyes get very sore especially going from page to page reading stat after stat in a dark room trying to pick out the black text without getting a headache. I don't know if anybody here had any experience with modding TESIV Oblivion but that interface had a very welcome mod (DarkUI) which many people found a great help for their poor eyesight.

    So please if anyone knows anything at all it would be great to hear about it!


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    it is impossible to do

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    Last post: 29/10/08, 01:15 AM. Which means that this is well over a year old, so stop bumping these old threads if you don't have anything to add to them, please!


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