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    Default F1: Standard Engines by 2010

    Right so Bernie wants all teams to have the same spec engines by 2010. Ferrari and Toyota have threatened to pull out over it.

    Personally I think the good side is that it will be down to driver skill and not his technology and the FIA might start to do its job properly if Ferrari do pull out as it wont be protecting them.

    Downside is that F1 has always been about developing new technology and this will basically end it.

    Anyways what do you guys think. Discuss.......

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    I thought there engines were regulated to limits anyway. ;/
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    Quote Originally Posted by [TC] Nipper »
    I thought there engines were regulated to limits anyway. ;/
    They are like 2 engines have to last a race but these new ones would mean every car on the track would have the same engine, unlike atm where Ferrari and the front runners spend millions and the back lot can't afford it.

    Also engines would have to be used over more races and if they where not all bought from the same place and the teams made them then they will have to make 10 of them engines and sell them to the lower league teams for cheap.

    S no one has any advantage over the other and it all comes down to stratagy and driver compatance.

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    I think it will ruin the popularity. F1 will not have as many fans when Ferrari or toyota pulls out. I want V12's back. All is, I don't want them to regulate the engines.

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    F1 fails, it's going to suck.
    I'll watch FIA GT, WTCC and DTM, way more fun to watch anyway.

    It doesn't matter how much horsepower your car has, it's about the smile on your face when you drive it.

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    OK ... my thoughts is it would be terrible as it would just make it like Formula Ford or something like that !!!!! Why limit the technology?

    But ...


    They can't afford to lose Ferrari ... some people think I hate Ferrari ... I don't ... I love Ferraris (road and F1) ... I just hated some German bloke (he got away with too much) and currently I support some hot-headed young kid from England

    But if you took Ferrari out of F1 it would kill the sport ... so it ain't gonna 'appen
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    No, No, No.


    I hate the idea of standardised engines. I personally love seeing each team have little differences, and i'm sure some of the differences are for engines.

    Imagine if the R1 class on Lemans had standardised engines, Audi would never have been able to go out with an Oil burner, and the mass public would still beleive that diesel engines belong in Combine Harvesters.
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    *thinks about a desiel F1 car*

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    *Wonders why Audi hasn't got an F1 team*

    Maybe because they know they'd win too easily, so want to stick to winning Le Mans.

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    Poor F1. I think they should have same chassis but different engines. That would be fairer tbh.

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    Bah, I don't watch F1, but that's just silly...

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    It kinda worked with touring cars but it wouldn't with this. F1 isn't really only about the racing, its the tactics and the technology the teams can produced to try and win in the race and to go as fast as possible. If the engines were the same there would be less overtaking as some cars are faster, some are faster round corners.

    Totally stupid idea.
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