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    Default My Bavarian Wonder

    Finally got around to taking the pictures.

    The last one is a little souvenir I got when I went round the 'ring.
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    Default Re: My Bavarian Wonder

    That's a pretty decent looking Bimmer Baxie, needs a wee bit of spit and polish here and there but looks in alright nick for it's age. Cheers for the pics !
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    Default Re: My Bavarian Wonder

    Always good to see peoples real life cars !!! I would post mine but I'm too ashamed of it !!!
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    Default Re: My Bavarian Wonder

    Yeah. She's a wee bit dirty, gonna buff and shine over easter.

    She's from 1983 and has 147000 kilometres under the bonnet.

    Since I got her in september 2005 I replaced the right rear window after a robbery, the main brake-cylinder has had an overhaul and might need a replacement soon and it has just had the gasket that was blown replaced in the manifold.

    She absolutely purrs.

    I love the sound of the Straight-Six when I gun it.

    Man this car is fun. Expensive, but fun.

    Getting around 10 km/l as is.

    When I got it I replaced the front and rear bumpers, and the rims.

    She had two owners before me. The original one who bought her in germany in September 1983 as she rolled off the assembly line. He sold her four months prior to me buying her and that guy replaced the original rims and bumpers for what turned out to be a poor attempt at pimping the car.

    It looked awful, so I spent a bit of cash tracking down original bumpers, not remakes, but 1983 ones in good condition, and four rims as well.

    The hardest thing to find was four hubcaps in good condition.
    But it was well worth it. The guy who had it before me also installed a crappy Denver radio and blew one of the original speakers. I got a new Blaupunkt radio ready for installation and a new speaker.

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    Default Re: My Bavarian Wonder

    I am looking at buying a new BMW 328xi coupe. Test drove one last week and loved the balance of power and cornering ability. Plus this is one of the only sport coupes in the US that has AWD.

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    Default Re: My Bavarian Wonder

    I can only recommend.

    I haven't tried it, but if memory serves, the 328xi is in fact a 3.0 litre engine with 200+ bhp. Not too sure.

    Never have driven an AWD BMW.

    Will have to check it out though.

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