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    Default Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport

    The idea was to create a car that would redefine the boundaries of technology in automotive construction while appealing to the aesthetically inclined and connoisseurs of exceptional automobiles.

    To design a roadster that would join the boundless creativity of its designers and the superior skill of its engineers – without compromise on either side. A car that would unite the pinnacle of luxury and unparalleled driving performance to a harmonious whole.
    The idea was to provide maximum enjoyment without losing sight of safety and comfort.
    The idea was to build the world’s fastest convertible car.
    Bugatti turned this idea into reality: the super sports car Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport.
    The Grand Sport defies conventional categories. The superior harmony of its design transcends the ordinary, lending the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport its unique character. The open-topped super sports car displays its power, performance, and self-assertion as a matter of course. Simultaneously, it exudes charisma, perfection, and elegance.
    In other words: it is a Bugatti that follows the technological and aesthetic examples of Ettore Bugatti’s Grand Sport models of the late 1920s – a true Bugatti.

    More information is on

    I just saw this in what I can only tell as being a rich person's magazine called the RobbReport yesterday, and i have to say, i usually hate the Veyron but this looks magnificent. I tried to provide pictures, but my internet is being stupid, so just go on their site.

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    where does the roof go?
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    Recurring Theme much? :P

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    It can`t fit in the baggage space. So :
    1. You leave it at home and get wet if is starts raining.
    2. You look like a complete idiot putting it on the passenger`s seat and have to travel alone.

    Aaaand, you pay more than a milion bux for that thing, at least they could`ve thought of that. Stupid German idiots. o.O

    Edit : Oh no, wait. There is an idea. Bugatti gives you a small textile roof that looks like an umbrella and will make you look even more ridiculous.
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    Pfft I don't like the Veyron.

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    just another way to improve an almost perfect car IMO
    U mad bro?

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    Lol, sorry Justin, i didn't see it, so i made this thread :P.

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    I'm a bit mental.


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