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    Default TDU Still Busy ?


    I` new here, and i have a question.
    I`m thinking of buying TDU for my PC.
    But i was wondering if TDU is still very busy?
    How many people drive in TDU during the day ?
    I live in holland, so that is GMT +1 (Time).
    Is it still smart for me to buy TDU, or shal I wait for TDU 2 ?

    Thanks Alot,

    Best Regards,

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    You have no idea (neither do we ) But there are tons of people who still play TDU. Atleast thats what I think

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    Haha oke :P Thats good news !!
    But if I play TDU at a random time, how big is the chance that i wil see someone ?
    Is it like: you see someone different every 10 seconds, or do you really have to find someone ?

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    There are plenty of people that you can meet, You'll oftern find yourself in a session with 3/4 people. In the more populated areas - 7/8. (8 being the server limit). However whe you want to cruise with someone specific, TDU server's are worse than ever. They will let you cruise with random people, but not who you click on the map. 70% of the time it will work. However the lag on some players is annoying.
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    Oke thanks,

    So if I understand correctly, the maximum amount of people you can see in one session, is 8 ?
    You won`t be seeing busy traffic because of all the online players ?

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    nah you can have 8 players including yourself (yourself and 7 others) and you will see traffic, the servers are confusing tho, once you get the game you'll understand...

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    i'm happy with it!


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