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  • MadMax

    1 4.00%
  • zo6dude

    0 0%
  • mac_mogul

    5 20.00%

    0 0%
  • Speedtouch

    5 20.00%
  • T3hReaper

    1 4.00%
  • mistermojo

    0 0%
  • TSS

    4 16.00%
  • gunned_down666

    1 4.00%
  • Mortimer

    0 0%
  • Car Freak

    7 28.00%
  • Baltoman

    0 0%
  • HappyTreeFriend

    0 0%
  • CarboyZR1

    0 0%
  • Guru Bob

    1 4.00%
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  1. Speedtouch is offline I Wish I Was Special.
    Location: England
    Posts: 1,402


    Default PhOTW: Week 9 Vote


    Automotive Pictures
    No Voting For Yourself!











    Car Freak




    Guru Bob

    Plenty of entries this time. I knew Automotive would get plenty.

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  2. Iced_Bullet is offline Cheese=Milk's Death Route
    Location: Norfolk, UK
    Posts: 6,310



    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

  3. iBilo is offline ;)
    Location: UK
    Posts: 2,119



    Speedtouch gets my vote.

  4. Baldy is offline Wibble Wobble
    Location: Lancashire, UK
    Posts: 5,812



    Has to be Car Freak for me, stylish and sophisticated. I like it
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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  5. Andreas¹ is offline Crazy Duck
    Location: Jönköping, Sweden
    Posts: 7,385



    mac_mogul, your piccy rocks

  6. hpluls is offline Bogan Chariot Aficionado
    Location: Lower Silesia, Poland
    Posts: 3,265



    Car Freak gets my vote. That pic is secksay

  7. Microphone is offline #Myk2016
    Location: England
    Posts: 7,986



    GB ftw!, Who couldnt love a small orange car like that XD, it would of been better if the reg was erased a bit better but o well, its still a bright orange car XD

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  8. zo6dude is offline Like My Tail Lights?
    Location: Ontario,Canada
    Posts: 5,904



    speedtouch gets my vote

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    - Me

  9. Baltoman is offline Baby Vipah :D
    Location: Espírito Santo, Brazil
    Posts: 3,618



    oh noezz, Iz got no votes

    voted for TSS

  10. RB26DETT is offline Banned
    Location: Manila, Philippines
    Posts: 5,389



    car freak!

  11. Sponge is offline Spongify
    Location: Liverpool, England
    Posts: 3,564



    Speedtouch! One helluva picture

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  12. ExplosiveGoats is offline Car Aficianado
    Location: New York
    Posts: 1,736




  13. mistermojo is offline Some Kind of Wizard
    Location: England
    Posts: 496



    Speedtouch for me, mac_mogul's photo is equally good though

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  14. Car Freak is offline loves dirt too
    Location: Singapore
    Posts: 3,066



    I was really surprised at how many votes I got... thanks! And all taken with a little compact camera! *sniff*

    Anyway I went with Mac_mogul. Was a toss up between him, speedtouch and TSS, but speedtouch's wasnt quite framed properly (the Civic was cut off) and TSS's had a funny reflection in the headlights...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark
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  15. T3hReaper91 is offline Car Aficianado
    Location: England
    Posts: 2,975



    Quote Originally Posted by RH12234 »

    really thought i wouldn't get a vote

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  16. KoenigseggBG is offline Made in 1994
    Location: Varna, Bulgaria
    Posts: 6,759



    Damn, I missed the week. Nooo, I had some awesome pics... anyway, I vote for CarFreak because I love the R8, the angle of the photo and the color of the car.

  17. -Lr-SpeedraceR is offline Car Aficianado
    Location: Metz, France
    Posts: 1,173



    This Aston looks.... HUGE ^^

  18. The Queen is offline <3 Ferrari F50
    Location: Dundee, Scotland
    Posts: 5,220



    Quote Originally Posted by Car Freak »
    ...and TSS's had a funny reflection in the headlights...
    Thats the effect of a polariser. I personally love that effect but I see it's not too everyone's taste.

    Thanks guys for votes btw!

  19. KoenigseggBG is offline Made in 1994
    Location: Varna, Bulgaria
    Posts: 6,759



    Congatz for wining, CarFreak. Send Speedtouch the theme for next week.

  20. Speedtouch is offline I Wish I Was Special.
    Location: England
    Posts: 1,402



    Indeed, i've sent him a PM. Sorry, but I was away and thought I'd be back for Sunday. Congrats - and I think people should know by now that they just send the new theme to me - so don't wait for a PM from me!

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