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    Default Speed up your TDU!!

    I don't know is there thread like this, so I'm writing how to speed up your TDU.

    At first I must say that not I discovered this way of speeding. I only found it. Also I must say that I tested it in my TDU and it is great.

    This is for people who haven't the newest computers but they want to have cars with the best details.

    !!! Before changing anything you should do backup of editing files. Also you must remember that you are doing this at your own risk!


    1. So first You should go to settings and set whatever you want (for example: good resolution, and the best details) and next turn off TDU.
    2. Now go to the X:\Program Files\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\FX\
    and there is file FX.ini . Open it with notepad and there are:

    [OCEAN] – here the best is to change all to 0.

    [GLOW-INGAME] - the same as in [OCEAN] …

    [GRASS] – Here we can change a greenery. So the best is to change following things:

    HEIGHTGRASS = 0.2 (height of grass, 0 = erase it)
    WIDTHRATIOGRASS = 0.1 (width of grass, 0 = erase it)
    SIZEDELTAGRASS = 0.1 (size of grass)

    NBELTFAR = 120 (Distance, it means how far do we see all particulars)

    HEIGHTBUSHES = 0.1 (height of bushes)
    WIDTHRATIOBUSHES= 0.1 (width of bushes)
    SIZEDELTABUSHES = 0.1 (size of bushes)

    That was the way of reducing details of nature.

    3. Next step is to erase birds, papers and some other rubbish. So you must go to X:\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\. And next change name of the folder Details to BAK_Details now in game will be a little bit less nature and no flying birds and no rubbish on the streets.

    4. Now your TDU should working faster on medium computers as mine!
    5. Now you can play your TDU.

    I wish I helped someone like me...

    I have also easy way to turn off traffic but this is only killing this game
    If you have some questions please ask, I'll help as well as I can.
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    Thanks +rep! I can increase the distance of the "pop-up" or I will try

    I'll get back to you!
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    Awesome tip + rep Gotta try this if we ever get our PC back >.<

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    gonna try it now hope it works
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    It doesn't increase the pop-up distance, unfortunately.
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    Whut? Pop up difference?

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    Right, well changing the GRASS, BUSHES, details folder and pop-up distance made no difference at all . Then when i changed the OCEAN and GLOW INGAME values to 0, the game froze and crashed before even getting to the menu. Ah well, thanks anyway .

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    I don't know did I understand you good but like I said I tested it in my game and it was working so I don't know what to say.

    sorry about my english

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreaz1 »
    Whut? Pop up difference?
    Draw distance. (how close you can get before things just pop up from no-where)

    Can't get this to work for me.. Administrative thing. Wierd since there are no user on my laptop..

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    Default not a good idea

    removing birds and flying objects will prevent you from connecting to your friends easily, there has been a patch for this out about 1.8 years ago, it's nothing new and messed a few of my friends games up. You are right though it does speed up your PC a lot, but with adverse effects.


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    I tried doing this but it won't let me save the change to FX.ini after i've made them says something about make sure the file path is correct but it is. any suggestions?

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    Nice post. But do you mind posting some pictures of this enabled? I'm worried it will kill the visuals a lot. I'm actually quite satisfied running the game at 1024x640, 2x AA, low settings, no HDR and I still get over 30 FPS consistently, except when crashing or bumping into another vehicle. My lappy's specs are actually similar to your rig's. But if it does increase FPS by over 15 without killing the visuals much (ie. lower resolution shadow maps, less denser foliage), I'm up for it.

    @ Ministry

    That's the first tweak I ever saw and currently the only one I use right now. Increases FPS by 5-10 and I barely even notice the birds and flying paper being gone!

    *Sigh* I wish I had a faster lappy, you know, the ones with the Geforce 9500/9600M graphic processors. I can't complain though since I don't have a job yet. Heck, most of my friends don't even have laptops that can actually play some games (integrated graphics...) and some don't even have a laptop. So yeah, I'm quite satisfied with right now.

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    Huh... I don't know did I understand you well because of my english
    I don't know is it nessesary to add screenshots because anyone can imagine how the game looks without papers and birds about ocean and greenery it look like after cropping If you don't understand me please write to me ;P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iced_Bullet »
    It doesn't increase the pop-up distance, unfortunately.

    hehe, that's the first thing I thought. Hmmm, if you can decrease it then maybe you can increase it too! Since the game runs between 80-120 fps for me anyway on max settings, I figured I could do with a bit of extra view distance or draw distance. But alas. It's ok though, TDU already looks really nice.

    Although, sometimes it does bother me a little bit how the cars change from detailed to not detailed when you get further away from them, and how suddenly this happens, it could be better, but then again, you see this in most games.
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    Well, I managed to remove the birds and got a increse of 1 fps but I still get about 14 fps on Oahu Raceway, Ford Island and that secret island. And about 7-8fps on normal road! And I am using the lowest video settings (1024*768, no AA, no HDR and detail is set to low!)

    I have a Geforce 7600GS card but I think its time for a new computer! Don't you think?
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    @ Ferrari7000

    Can you tell me where that Oahu Raceway and Ford Island is? Even just a hint where it's near? I've been to the secret island (the one where you enter through the Eden logo) before and it's actually faster there, probably because there are hardly any trees there. I get around 30-35 FPS in the secret island. The places with the worst FPS for me are the places with lot of foliage/trees/grass. It actually drops to 20-25 FPS when a lot of cars are in those places. Elsewhere it's just fast and smooth. And it's odd considering my GPU is slower than yours. BTW, I run the game at 1024x640, 2x AA, no HDR, low details.

    Hmm... I just noticed your CPU. Quite old. It's below the minimum requirements of TDU. AMD Athlon XP 2000+ Barton core? It's probably what's causing the bad FPS despite a faster video card than mine. It was great though back then. Bang for the buck. I had an Athlon XP 1700+. My desktop is still an AMD though. =P Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Windsor core.
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    Ford Island is near Stadium. There's a long bridge. It's in H7 square on TDU map.

    O'Ahu Raceway is in square H7/I7, near Honolulu Airport.

    Here's a map with ticked OR an FI:

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    @ zawshu

    Thanks! I'll be visiting those places later when I get to play. Unfortunately, I still have a lot of work to do. Bah...

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    can you add a link that file...

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    tweaking is good if having a very basic PC to unload some of the visual kicking ass graphics the makers designed it to run with.


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