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    Smile Biek's video's

    As promised to a few of you, I humbly present my two TDU video's.

    I kind of reverse engineer my movies meaning that unlike some fantastic story driven, almost professional looking, movies I've seen online, what I do, lazy as I am, is just drive around with Fraps running in the background, wait for the 'your running out of disk space' message from Windows and look at the footage and come up with a story afterward.

    And so far, at least in my humble opinion, that worked out pretty well.

    The first one is me in TDU driving to the GM dealer in my SSR to get a one of those awesome Z06's and the second movie is (of course) me again, this time ending up in a 'snake' after first taking the 'cat' for a spin.

    They can be viewed at my Youtube home but they can also be seen at my Filefront page, from where the hi-res versions are available too, for those interested.

    I'm curious to hear what you think and don't be shy with the comments. Who knows, I might just sit down and finish the sequel to the second movie ...


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    To embed - Click here -

    Nice videos, shame they're squashed slightly ... which program did you use?
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    Grabbed the footage with Fraps and then did 'the magic' (or so I hope) with good ol' Windows movie maker.

    The high-res versions are sweet widescreen-ish so less to none squashing is going on in there.


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