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    Default Need the bnk file

    Managed to corrupt mine, and cleverly the backup is on a HD which is not here.... so can't play, game crashes just after intro.

    If anyone has one which has the chrome on the viper black, Ferrari Nero, and the Alfa 8c, and 911 black I would be grateful as I so cannot be done with editing it all again

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    i advise ppl's to backup the whole euro as i did.. umm ehh

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    Yeah, perhaps lesson is to backup on the same HD and ensure the HD is not took by the GF to her class.


    Anyone :P pretty please,

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    Even the standard one would suit...

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    I guess the thing here is, to do what us modders tell everybody to do,

    But becuase this is youre first time, add my MSN and ill see what can be done

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    Umm.. There should be rule in place for requesting files..

    Reinstall... If your missing files.. Simple.. Doesn't take long


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