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    Default [SPOILERS!!] Top Gear filming special??

    Top Gear filming hour-long special in Vietnam

    Posted Oct 9th 2008 7:58AM by Frank Filipponio
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    It looks like the Top Gear guys are in Vietnam working on an hour-long special. While we don't have any specifics, we do have some pics that popped up on Ausmotive. The Top Gear website isn't much help, cryptically telling us that the lads don't plan on shooting anyone, but they don't rule it out knowing that Jezza is there. Expect a challenge of some sort, probably involving something considerably slower than the American iron they sampled while Stateside, and of course lots of laughs as always. Thanks for all the tips!

    Gallery: Top Gear in Vietnam

    From Autoblog

    The boys are in ‘NamPosted by The Mole at 6:10 pm on Monday October 6, 2008 As the brand new Top Gear website glides elegantly onto the net-o-web we’re saddened to report that the presenters won’t be around to see it. That’s because, after years of dodging the draft, they’ve been sent to Vietnam.

    Fortunately, the war there ended 33 years ago so their mission is purely to make a jocular hour-long Top Gear special, rather than start shooting anyone in the face. Mind you, Jeremy’s there so you never know what might happen.
    The precise details of their detail to South East Asia have to remain a secret for now but suffice to say they’re going to buy transport and undertake a road trip. Unfortunately their budget of several million Vietnamese Dong might sound massive but is in fact the square root of the sum of sod all in one of the most pricey car markets in the world.
    News reaches Top Gear central command in London that they have now realised this and resorted to some rather more frugal - and buttock punishing - transport.
    The boys will be back next week and presumably expecting some sort of traditional ‘Nam vets ticker tape parade to welcome them home. Except that this is supposed to be a paperless office. So we’ll just have to throw some laptops at them.

    From topgear blog

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    sweeeeet...nice find nodz
    rep+ if possible
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    Great find. This should be good if it does go ahead


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