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    Default Unbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelievable!! [Sept 2008 Stats]

    *pulls self off the floor* Well ...uhhh.... you know last month (August) knocked my stockings (cheers tWm!) ....I mean socks off with us reaching and surpassing the 10,000,000 hits mark and we said that equalling that this month would be amazing enough, well it was an amazing month and we did reach the 10,000,000 mark once ........... around a week earlier than last month believe it or not so yes we did it !!!!

    Ladies, Gentleman and Iced The stats for TDUcentral in September was:

    12,922,088 hits
    63Gb Bandwidth
    2,505,606 Pages Viewed
    481 new members

    AGAIN HUGE THANKS to the modders without your selfless acts in using your ill skillzzzz and time in continuing with the vehicle model modding in TDU amongst all the other new finds that have occurred recently! We hope you guys continue to keep your modding luvvlies coming as the community here and ingame is salivating over the work you all do!

    AS USUAL BIG THANKS to all our members and all the lurkers (grr!) also who have contributed towards this by being ignorant and just reading and taking the info here and then running away into the sunset with it laughing like a cat being dragged through barbed wire upside down on stilts. Seriously though, we couldn't do this without all of you so keep it on us for the random, the crazy and of course the news about TDU, we do kind of need to do that no matter how boring it may seem know!?

    Cheers guys and girls, you're the best!!

    TDU Central Staff
    I'm a bit mental.

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    Awesome stats Diablo! If you need any new stockings just shout! XD

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    Then I woke up in France...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diablo »
    *pulls self off the floor*

    Ladies, Gentleman and Iced
    *Pushes back off chair and cries*

    Quote Originally Posted by Ugly »
    That means we're on course for 12,000,000 at the end of the month!
    Nooooiiiiicee! We did it :d grats everyone!
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    *massive group hug?*

    Awesome stats for this month there, thanks for all the hard work you put in the site Diablo

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    yaaaay 12mil.. thats good right?

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    Actually, closer to 13 million
    Balto, it's just over 430000 hits. Every DAY!

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    Superb, that's as shiny as the Christmas decorations being delivered at work
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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    yaaaaaaaay GRATZ TDU:C *HUGE HUG*

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    Well done for this month. Amazing stats and keep up the good work guys

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    Congrats TDU:C!

    Well done!

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    Nice one.
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    Hard to get your head around how such a simple community gets so many views.

    Good work Admin/Moderators.

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