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    Default Questions I need answering

    As in the title, I am completely clueless on the questions that will be shown below:

    Is it worth overclocking a laptop? I've heard its risky and not worth doing.
    I have a Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 that runs at 2.0GHz. Can that processor be overclocked in the first place?

    Also how do you find out temperatures and RAM usage etc on Windows Vista Home Premium? That willm be useful via overclocking above.

    Has anyone upgraded from Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate? Is that worth doing?

    Is it worth going to 64bit if I get 4GB of RAM, I have 32 bit atm with 2GB RAM. Is it worth adding more RAM? I use my laptop for gaming, schoolwork and general things.

    Adding my laptop specifications below and if I can't do anything let me know please.

    • Model: DV9500
    • Operating System: MS Windows Vista Home Premium
    • Processor / Type: Intel Core 2 Duo T7300
    • Processor / Clock Speed: 2 GHz
    • RAM / Installed Size: 2 GB
    • RAM / Technology: DDR II SDRAM
    • Memory Clock Speed: 667 MHz
    • Storage Hard Drive / Capacity: 2x250 GB
    • Storage Hard Drive / Interface Type: SATA
    • Display (Projector) / Diagonal Size (inches): 17
    • Screen Type: WXGA+
    • Video Output / Max Resolution (external): 1440 x 900
    • Optical Drive: DVDRW
    • Drive Type: Integrated
    • Video Memory / Installed Size: 256 MB
    • Graphics: GeForce 8600GSm
    • Audio: On board

    Thank you

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    the only downside to OC a laptop I can see is that when you OC the temp gets hotter and you are limited on a laptop to increase airflow.

    Also if you use it on your lap the hotter it gets the lower your sperm count.

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    I don't put my laptop on my lap. :P Always on a table or floor.

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    Nodz knows his stuff lmao! Fact of the day!

    I would never overclock a laptop as Nodz explained, it will over heat and chances are you won't get much time out of using it.

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    yup, i wouldn't too. one, the temps will go up. two, the PSU might now handle it.

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    It would be stupid and utterly pointless. Thats just about as useful as un-sliced bread...
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    That's stupid
    You probably destroy your laptop
    If you want to do high end gaming, you have to buy a desktop pc with 4 gb ram, quad quore etc...

    if you have 4 gb ram on vista 32 bit, it only use 3.25 gb. If you update to 64 bit than it use the full 4 gb but you can use 4 gb on 32 bit, you probably dont notice the different. I personaly use 2 gb ram on vista home premium (32 bit) and if i buy a new pc i probably buy 4 gb off ram because vista is a lot faster with more ram.

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    You can overclock laptops, but i'd advice against it as it would generate more heat and require more power which could overload your battery.

    If you did overclock it, you could only do it slightly so that it is still stable enough to boot and run so you wouldn't really notice a difference.

    If you still want to see the heat generated by different parts of your laptop, memory usage etc. i recommend this. Click me

    As for upgrading to vista ultimate, there really isn't any point because you don't get many extra features. Click me

    For the RAM, I don't think you'll ever need to more than 3GB, I have 4GB in my PC and barely ever go over 3GB of it being used. But if you do get 4GB of RAM you will need the x64 version of windows as the x86 can only recognise just over 3GB of RAM.

    Hope this helped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wait30Seconds »
    It would be stupid and utterly pointless. Thats just about as useful as un-sliced bread...
    Hey un-sliced bread is the ****! lol

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