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    Default [FIX] RUF Rt12 mirror

    eehm i dont know if its possible to fix this, but why not try... the problem is (and its me off since i got the carpack) is the mirror of the Rt12 being very dark... i cant see whats behind me (i think im the only person that uses that mirror in TDU )
    it does work when viewing the car in the garage but not when driving...

    ok i tried to upload pictures but imagecrap is not working...
    please help *big wet bambi eyes*

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    o did i swear? soory, i didnt notice it, tnx for removing!

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    There's a couple of cars like that with the rear and even 1 of the side mirrors being heavy in the light. Don't think anyone's really looked at it yet but hey you never know, maybe you'll peak somebodys interest!
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    please someone do this please

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