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    Default Singapore Grand Prix Pictures. 56K users have been warned.

    Alright these were taken with a Canon Digital Ixus Camera which i borrowed from a friend. My good shots are in a DSLR which belongs to yet ANOTHER friend so I'll just post whatever i have.

    First race of the day was the
    Aston Martin Asia Cup

    Next up was the
    Formula BMW Pacific

    Whoops, spin-out

    Then there was the
    Porsche Carrera Cup Asia

    Best car in the race by far:

    I didn't catch any F1 cars on this camera so too bad
    But you can ask Jon for piccys on them.

    Some Safety Car pictures:

    Some Medical Car pictures (extremely apologetic they are out of focus.)

    Best Haircut on the day:

    And fooling around, taking candids with a mate:

    He was taking me, i was taking him.

    This picture was not cropped. I didnt even composed it. Just stuck out my arm and shot it. Came out pretty well. Loving his reaction, almost as if, "WTF are you doing?"

    And do you believe he paid SGD$10 (3.98 Pounds) for this?!
    Oh and he bought 3 over 2 days...

    General picures of the crowd

    And if you guys were wondering, i was at Turn 7, facing the long long straight(with the lil kink).

    Oh and Jon, you're welcome to post your pictures here too.
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    WOW O_O, Great piccies!

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    yeah thats some nice pictures. can you post of the acutall F1?

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    I'll take care of that!

    Just these few for now, I'll put up my other pics later


    Or if you can't be bothered for me to post them all up, this is my album:

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    i'll faint seeing that many aston's.

    where's the "I <3 TDU-C" sign, Mister...

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    you look... happy!!! xD

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    Guy in the red shirt isnt me...

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    Are you sure Mark

    Nice pics, didn't know they have various races on the day, or was this just this time around?
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    Great pics !

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    Whoops sorry Iced i didnt see your post
    Nope it really isnt me, its Jon's and my friend, Jun An
    Ask Jon
    And uhm i dont know if its "this time around" as its the first time this circuit has been used


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