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    Smile redvette77 Museum of Test Drive Unlimited Photography

    Seems like the current trend is to post your pics from TDU...I think I will give it a try. (I will apologize in advance for the picture quality...I have to go into my house, go to the photo gallery, and then take a picture with my cell phone and upload them to my comutor because of the adsence of a transfer case)

    What do you think??

    [mod edit:] There you go all fixed!
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    nice shots! id hate to pay for your tyres though

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    That looks like a pattern. Nice shots. I like the Ferrari one.

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    Pretty sweet awsome lambo pic,i got a awsome picture of a enzo by my pool with the sun just touching the roof, dont no how to upload tho lmao

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    Nice pics red!

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    Great pics, defo worth investing in a transfer set up though!!


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    nice pics vette you must have a good phone cam lol
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