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    Default Crazy Speed Reverse Donuts !!!

    Alright this is a new find I found out about just tonight and everyone has been trying it and I'll try and get a video of it also, basically I found out you can do some crazy speed donuts on the bikes. It's been tested and Johansen, baldred, YANK and others can vouch for it, it's great fun and looks mental when you're doing it never mind watching it.

    [This was on the 360 version, no idea if it will work for PC]

    It's easy to do too:
    #1. Grab a bike* and select manual gears.
    #2. Select reverse and turn to the right now floor it and as the bike slides hold the brake gently or fully.
    #3. Ease off the accelerator and switch from turning right to turning left.
    #4. Throw on the accelerator again and watch that baby spin like crazy.

    * MV Augusta F4 is very unstable with this though

    Enjoy !
    I'm a bit mental.

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    Default Re: Crazy Speed Reverse Donuts !!!

    Video. I gotta see this. Nice find!

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    Default Re: Crazy Speed Reverse Donuts !!!

    yeah it was realy fun doing that. and downtown at the drag strip when the guy in the koenig or something said you realy like going reverse dont you johansen i whas laugthing so much i couldn breath. and you realy get disy of doing spins for a loong time. my head hurts now, LOL we should do a movie with like 4-5 bikes doing that. and some guys on the racetrack whas amazed of our spins. anyway gotta catch some sleep my head realy hurts after doing all those spins

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    Default Re: Crazy Speed Reverse Donuts !!!

    On the PC version i just come to a complete stop, lean back, and floor it!

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    Default Re: Crazy Speed Reverse Donuts !!!

    Yeah its fun to do that

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    Wink Re: Crazy Speed Reverse Donuts !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by FateFTL »
    Video. I gotta see this. Nice find!
    i raced with him last time, and i saw him doing the donut's, i think he was lagging or smthing, but it was real !!

    after that we raced on the street (i was driving a saleen with tuning 3)

    he did a stoppie, and i hitted him in the back, and he was flying

    (and i think he liked it cuz we did it over like a 30 times)

    just a lill' adventure i wanna share


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    Definitely need a video of this. I can get steps 1-3 but I think step 4 gives you the key to constant donuts right? yeah I can't pull this off but I'm not even sure I'm doing it right. I get one donut at best.

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    Eeek I forgot about this, I'll see if I can get a quick vid up maybe today.
    I'm a bit mental.

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    gonna try that tonight


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