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    Default New 007 Sound Track QoS [Quantom of Solace]

    Now me, I'm not too fond of it ... doesn't sound like 007 to me at all!

    One Show - BBC - World Exclusive Video Preview

    [Music Video Preview Normal Quality]
    [Music Video Preview HQ Verison]
    *Embedding dissabled

    For Full - Super Full Length Music Video HQ - - Play the 3rd video.

    All full versions on youtube have been removed

    E: Just found this:

    If the video above doesn't show click here to view it.
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    I sense the end is near for 007. Sounds nothing like a JB soundtrack. "The world is noot enough" was a great soundtrack, along with casino royale's "you know my name"

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    You know my name is an awesome song.

    You know my name - Chris Cornell

    If the video above doesn't show click here to view it.

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    Video Embedded not supported Fail

    It took me ages before I got round to liking that song though ...
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    I thing is, I don't like the song really, its not what i'd listen to but this works as a James Bond soundtrack. It works when you get into your head sitting in the cinema after watching the film (or the begining) with the big bass and all that, it will work.
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    Might be the only person, but I like it

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    Wouldn't listen to it as a stand alone song but I agree with what Pherelas said, it will work as a Bond theme. At least Alicia Keys can sing, never got into the Chris Cornel Bond theme but I'm in the minority there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Get Carter »
    =Chris Cornell =.

    Spelling Nazi i know...


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