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    Default Behold the keyphone! (nissan)

    Like putting a camera in your mobile phone, a bottle opener on your keyring or a fake ID in your wallet, it's one of those combinations that's so gloriously obvious in hindsight that you'll wonder why no one did it before. Nissan has teamed up with technology gurus Docomo to create a mobile phone with - yes, you guessed it - a car key built in. Simple, eh?
    Using the same technology as most remote central locking fobs, the magic phone allows you to lock and unlock your car while you're booking into the hotel under fake names.
    Oh, and it'll start the engine, too.
    Anyone spotting a tiny, tiny potential problem with this one? A tiny, tiny potential problem involving, say, having your mobile nicked in the vicinity of your car?
    Regardless, Nissan plans to unveil the multifunctional phone in Japan later this month, and reckons it could reach vehicles by next spring.
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    I want one . I'll get one if i can at some point.

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    cooooooooooool, me wantz one

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    Neat idea. Shame I don't like the phone.

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