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    Default Koenigsegg CCXR - 56k, I Don't Think So.

    There really is no other way of putting this other than just quoting stats.


    5000cc V8 (Bi-Kompressor) w/Dry Sump Lubrication

    [email protected],200RPM | 1080NM | 216.6 bhp per litre

    6-Spd Manual w/Twin-Plate AP Racing Clutch | RWD w/Toqrue Sensitive LSD

    0 - 100km/h(62mph): 2.9s
    Top Speed: 415km/h (259mph)

    Price: €1,874,250 Euro

    I believe an epic car. Not as complete as a Veyron, no, but then what is?

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    That car is LUSH!!! I want one!! *runs off to make 1.5million pounds*

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    Wow, anything that can do 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds is imense. It also keeps a kinda luxurious cabin aswell which most cars of that loose.

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    OMG that thing is from carbon

    That would be nice in TDU


  5. Mb
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    This one is way cooler then that boring Veyron.
    I'll have one of these over 100 Veyrons.

    It doesn't matter how much horsepower your car has, it's about the smile on your face when you drive it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mb »
    This one is way cooler then that boring Veyron.
    I'll have one of these over 100 Veyrons.

    This thing owns, i'd love to have one. Interior is wayy too plastic for my liking though, but that's changeable . Not sure if it warrants that price tag though.

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    OMG. *holds pants*

    I want this on my garage. *Goes to rob a bank*

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    Wow that looks amazing. Some nice moving shots too but somehow those photos don't have a "professional" touch to them. Is it just me who thinks this?

    Anyway apart from that of course the car is immense. I'm sure one has already been sighted in Monaco. Definitly a rare catch!

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    +rep +rep +rep

    Amazing carbon fiber, ass kicking, Veyron blasting, sound barrier breaking, money busting, rules smashing piece of machine. It`s just a Koenigsegg, it`s unique in it`s own way and it`s sure better than the Veyron. Beware Geremans, Sweden is coming...

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    OMFG! i would..
    56k well spent O_o
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    My dad has let his car out for a shoot already?!~
    Usually its at least a few months before he relents..

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    can somebody please make a mod for this car in tdu

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    Holy... All carbon-fibre... So shiny...

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