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    Default [REQ] Tutorial


    Somebody can help me to make addon cars to the game? or what programs needed?

    (I'm not a n00b, i can mod games, but i don't know how can i make cars to TDU, so plz help me )

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    Not the correct place.. First off.. Plus there isn't no tutorials you learn.. And you must buy the program to do TDU cars. Ill just say what i said in another thread.

    You learn.. Simple.. Everyone who makes cars for TDU learned so you can too, ill just give you the links to get started but you need to pay for the program. Im not going to explain step by step cause there is so much to do well for newbies anyway and also different ways you can do things

    If you don't buy the program you have to use the Alfa GT demo pack. The demo version of Zmodeler cannot import at all. You can only export your model etc.
    So for the demo of zmodeler 2.1.1 go here.

    Download Alfa GT Demo pack which is the only file you can load up from TDU, that is also in that link if you scroll down.

    Open it and begin! and learn..

    I will not send cars in file format the Zmodeler demo can use.. (.Z3d) cause if i do that everyone will ask etc, i support Zmodeler creators so BUY the program if you want to change other cars etc.

    Thats all im explaining cause things you can learn yourself etc, that's how i did it so yeah.

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    So isn't it a tutorial how to learn about Zmodeler?
    I wanne learn how to mod cars before I buy the whole Zmodeler2.

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    This aint the place for that type of question
    To finish TDU what you have to do is transport hookers and well dressed homeless people, deliver drugs, and take people's cars to "get them repaired"
    "Though I Fly through the shadow of the valley of death, I shall fear no evil for I am at 80,000 feet and climbing."

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    Google Zmodeler tutorial, that should bring up some of them. Heres a few if you dont want to google though.

    That should get you started.

    Heres the Zmodeler forums

    Hope that helps you get started.

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    Sry... i have all the probgrams what needed Zmodeler 3dsmax... and not CRACKED... i buyed it... this is my work.... but i want mod TDU... and i know this is wrong place but i want some informations.... thx for all info....

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    Bit OT but how much does zmodeler cost? its just a few games I'm gonna be playing use it to mod

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    Quote Originally Posted by

    You can register your copy of ZModeler2 for a price of $60.0 (USD). Have to admit here, that this price will raise slowly, since the more effort I put into ZModeler, the more powerful this software become - the bigger the price becomes.
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    GTR2 is one of them right?

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    Default HEY PLZ

    Dude could plz don't replace the Edonis, cause I don't have the car to replace, I realy want a Bugatti Veyron, try to replace other car so tht I could overwrite it. THX

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    Can you concert a car made in 3ds to TUD?

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    Can i make car with ZModeler demo?

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    this the Tutorial
    In Russian language

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    Yus0f, download example alfa gt(from zmodeler site) and replace it...
    BBOYNEO, yeah,zmodeler support 3ds


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