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    hi my tdu name for the game is dhaval i might be offline maybe be busy and i have a comp the blinks sometime and nice to meet u all

    if u wann meet tell me on msn for a gumball challage cya

  2. Mb
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    You might want to talk proper English.

    It doesn't matter how much horsepower your car has, it's about the smile on your face when you drive it.

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    you may wanna leave your MSN aswell

    not smug, but proud owner of a DFP.

    i'm happy with it!

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    Welcome here, anyways

  5. The Queen is offline <3 Ferrari F50
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    Lmao. More and more people I see are using text speak

    Welcome anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wait30Seconds »
    Lmao. More and more people I see are using text speak

    Welcome anyway.
    Ha! I was cruising around with XBlades a little tonight, one arm across the top of the wheel to help steer while typing full sentences! Maybe I need to adopt text speak too! :-D


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