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    Default Cd Key

    How to change CD KEY ?:eek_blue:
    i buyed a game today and now i cant play cus i have cd key from downloaded version

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    Default Re: Cd Key

    YOu gotta remove all traces of oyur earlier TDU install, registry keys etc.
    Don't ask me how to do that tho :P

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    Default Re: Cd Key

    i found it deleted securom folder or something something i think. cant remember

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    Default Re: Cd Key

    much smarter and faster to make a new game with gamespy id and if the code is wrong you will be bugged to enter a new one

    happy to help

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    the CD- Key file is kept at the following location

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Test Drive Unlimited
    You should see a text folder this is where the CD Key is kept untill called upon
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