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    Default My Old Mini

    Here's My first car ... from many, many, many moons ago

    When I first got her she was an 850 Super Deluxe (850cc of pure power!)

    Then after Uni I started working and spent in total about 8 grand on her ... 2.5 grand on the engine alone ... a lovely Swiftune 1380cc Road Rocket fed by a 45 Weber

    I sold her a fair few years ago and then I heard she got sold on again.

    If you ever see her on the road be careful ... she can do 0-60 sub 6 secs, over 100mph (I think i got her to 110mph around Castle Combe), pull away from rest in 4th gear!!!! Oh and light the front tyres at 70mph in 4th!!!!

    I miss her ... occasionally
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    Default Re: My Old Mini

    amazing car... everyones first car should be a mini.. my first car was a 1275 GT .. theyre so easy to mod

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    Default Re: My Old Mini

    Sweet Mini man, i like those older ones, they have a very low agressive stance.

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    Default Re: My Old Mini

    Mini's cost a fortune though. I know one that is a original one but in perfect condition (as new) for 14 grand! Thats crazy. 1962 if thats means anything.

    Anyway nice car, what exactly did you do to it?
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    Default Re: My Old Mini

    that cars amazing, i have an 1977 850 mini with 42000 miles on it!! currently being restored, such comedy little cars

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    Default Re: My Old Mini

    Go-kart for the road, fun, nippy and great on 3 wheels. lol
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    Default Re: My Old Mini

    OK ... the FULL Spec.

    1380cc Swiftune Road Rocket engine running a 286 cam (A+ Series base engine)
    45 DCOE Weber
    2" LCB Maniflow twin box centre exit exhaust
    standard Mini gearbox

    7x13 Superlite alloys
    Hi-Lo adjustable suspension
    Spax adjustable dampers
    Metro Turbo vented front discs
    1275/Cooper spaced drums on the rear

    Deseamed all bodywork apart from roof flange
    Internal bonnet and boot releases
    custom made standoff for front number plate
    internal boot hinges
    custom light for rear number plate
    rear fog light hidden - modified one of the reversing lights!
    fuel filler moved to top of tank and hidden under flap in rear pillar
    Group 5 arches
    levante grey body (an old Mondeo colour), jaguar silver roof

    Custom made dash and centre console
    MG Montego seats - including rear seat with headrests and centre arm rest
    Custom made door and side trims and headlining to match seats - custom made by world famous VW modifier/trimmer

    Think that's about it
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    Default Re: My Old Mini

    you had me drooling right up to the point where you said ' MG Montego seats'

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    Default Re: My Old Mini

    Trust me they looked great and the fronts fitted in easily and with a little reprofiling of the base foam and rewelding of the frame the back fitted in great ... oh and they only cost 25 quid from a scrappy ...
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    Default Re: My Old Mini

    I saw a red one the other day... lots of awesome cars in australia!
    Watch out for my AC 427 in TDU. its top speed:307 km. Milage: 11,015 km


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