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    Default UK and EU Xbox 360 Pricecuts

    Happy Days - New Xbox 360 Estimated Retail Prices

    As of this Friday (September 19) entering the wonderful world of Xbox 360 will be cheaper than ever. New estimated retail prices (ERPs):

    • Arcade Console: £129.99 / 179 Euro
    • Pro Console: £169.99 / 239 Euro
    • Elite Console: £229.99 / 299 Euro
    Words from the boss: “We’re proud to be expanding the reach of Xbox as the first next-generation console to break the €200/£150 barrier, making the platform up to €200/£170 less expensive than competitors” said Chris Lewis, Vice President, Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business Europe. “History shows that the majority of console sales happen after this price point has been breached, and we’re well positioned to take advantage of this mass market pricing. We’re passing on the benefits of being the first console to sell over 20 million units worldwide, and of the ever-expanding ecosystem of Xbox, to consumers. We offer a large library of games and family entertainment for Xbox 360, with 90 titles coming between now and Christmas alone, and we’re redefining what people can expect from entertainment with the new Xbox LIVE experience debuting later this year. Plus, with well over five million consoles sold to date the combination of the strongest games line up this Christmas, really innovative entertainment experiences and these groundbreaking new price points will ensure we continue to enjoy fantastic momentum in Europe.”

    From Aceybongos

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    Wow that's good, way cheaper than a wii now.
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