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    Default Destiny_Unfair is back...Copy of Balto!!!

    Hi guys!!!!!!

    I saw baltos thread and I wanted to say hello as well.

    Many time have past, and maaaaany things have changed in the I see moddified cars????WOW

    Bassbass is a monster...isn't it?

    And Ice profile conversion and my modded version of it works, it's great to hear that.

    But, i need your help guys.

    I would like to mod some chasis of some cars and I don't really know how to do it properly. Many formus and I got lost yesterday, about 3 hours searching for the right post, and, uffff! A lot of new info (brain bug)

    So, which program I need to do those sweet cars mods? (hope not need to buy zmodeller...)

    See you guys around here...and last thing...can Maya 8 open 3dg models in some way, with any plugin???I have it and I wanted to use it to mod tdu...see you


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