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    Default A few words aobut DLC and buggyness

    I live in Poland, our game publisher (cdprojekt) has posted some info about all the bugs that occur in game.
    It's caused by the fact that nVidia cards can't use the often used in TDU function "render targets", a small workaround can be made by switching refresh rate or resulution in game (even alt+tab works sometimes)
    Things that INCREASE the possibility of bugs are anti aliasing and HDR, so leave them off if you experience problems.
    Eden studios are working by this issue

    And as for DLC, our publisher told us, that activating cars costs virtual money (your in-game cash), not the real stuff, although this is still not confirmed.

    I can't confirm thoose information since official air date in Poland is on 17th April
    I hope i made some things clear



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