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    Default hey people

    hey people im sh00t_t0_thri11 <-- add me on 360 if u like (im a nice guy :P) i play xbox360 pretty much most of my spare time, TDU is by far my favorite game purely because of a love for cars that im sure a lot of us have in common.

    for the game its actual self my favorite car is probably the ferrari F40 (downloaded of course) partly because of its sound and speed and partly because i like the styling of it. when i feel like blowing my face off with made driving id mostly choose either my viper or my mclaren F1 GTR.
    My next favorite(s) are my cruise cars, this one often changes but right now i love cruising in my RUF's. (RUF ftw!)

    right i cant really think of anything else to say now so uhh..

    looking forward to meeting you all, ill try my best to get to know as many people as i can but im a lil shy so don't be offended if i don't talk to you much lol.

    thanks for reading

    -Sh00t t0 thri11-

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    let me be the first to welcome you !!

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    Hey there welcome to tdu-central. Check out the rules which can be found here and then post away. Have fun!
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

    "Life is like a slush puppy, the longer you leave things the more they melt"

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    thanks for the welcome people

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    Have fun.


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