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  1. Audi RS4 B7 Euro Black Rims
    Yus0f is offline fail
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    Here is a Black B7 Euro Rims for Audi RS4 = D
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  2. Audi RS4 B7 Euro Black Rims Comments
  3. The Queen is offline <3 Ferrari F50
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    Very nice. Will try them out later

  4. macd79 is offline Chuck Norris
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    NICE looks ace on that white car

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  5. Yus0f is offline fail
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    Yeah, we have A4 with that rims but silver car

  6. DriftNismo is offline 87 Civic GT
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    Very nice, i've been looking for black rims for my SC430, hopefully they will fit. If not, do you think you would be able to do some black SC430 rims?? That would be very helpful.

    Good job!!

  7. me™ is offline *turbo whistle*
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    ANY wheels fit on the SC 430, its rim size is over 500kb, the biggest in the game.
    Again, absolutely ANY wheels fit on that car.

    Also, nice work Yus0f, I love the black wheels.

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  8. SBCriss is offline Car Aficianado
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    Wow looks good, good job

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  9. cymruambyth85 is offline Logitech G25 Racer
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    Very sexy, will look perfect on my Black RS4!!


    THEY DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  10. altec122 is offline Burnt-out Shell
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    Thanks!! man

  11. cymruambyth85 is offline Logitech G25 Racer
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    *SIGH* These look freaking amazing on my black RS4!!

    You the man Yus0f!!! +rep

  12. opaopapa is offline Skidmark on your skidmark
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    Thumbs up

    THX DUDE It will look great for my RS4, OMG I LOVE AUDI's

  13. ONLY300 is offline Just a Skidmark
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    Thumbs up


  14. qwer1670 is offline Hot Hatch
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    great rims
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