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    Default The Stig for a cloyhing item

    Is it possible to get a motorbike suit replace it with one of the normal clothing you were in car and make it all white so we can have our person looking like the stig????
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    That would be nice, maybe you can swap stuff


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    ive tried swapping clothes before.... didnt go too well tbh but maybe someone can figure it out

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    Aaah yes! If somebody figures out how to let us wear the motorbike helmets while driving a car, that would be awesome!

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    Has anybody cracked this? I know it's probably dead, but just thought I'd check.

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    You muppet
    check time stamps to see when the last post was.
    please don't bring up old threads
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    Its ok as long as its on topic.

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    i love The Stig.


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    i no this is old but WE NEED THIS REALLT BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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