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    Default Cops hunt for speedy skater

    German Cops Hunt For 62mph Skater

    By Sky News SkyNews - Wednesday, September 3 02:31 pm
    German police are trying to track down a skateboarder who sped down a steep stretch of motorway at 62mph (100kmh).
    They believe the man who raced down the Ulm-Stuttgart motorway for two miles before he stopped and fled was a professional stuntman, Goeppingen police spokesman Uli Stoeckle said.
    A video of the skateboarder, broadcast on German TV, showed a helmeted figure wearing a red and white protective suit.
    He is seen building up speed by holding onto the back of a motorcycle before letting go and freewheeling.
    The film clips show several cars escorting the skateboarder, enabling his collaborators to record the event.
    The clips have since surfaced on websites.
    The German magazine Stern said the mystery man is known in skateboarding circles as a professional stuntman and takes part in international downhill competitions.
    Mr Stoeckle said the man faces charges for interfering with traffic safety and endangering motorists, and would lose his driver's licence and face a "substantial fine".
    He denied media reports the skateboarder would face a one-year jail sentence.
    There are no speed limits on German motorways but there are restrictions on many sections, especially steep and dangerous stretches.
    The section the skateboarder was using has an 80km an hour (50 mph) speed limit

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    Sorry, i didn't know, i'm terrible with km/h to mph .

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    wow....good luck coppers...
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    Atleast the British police aren't the only ones who don't go after the real criminals .......
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    Haha, he had to do it on a restricted section of the motorway xD

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    LOL Just imagine if he fell at them speeds

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    Lol he would be owned if he fell.

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    ROFL! why would he get his drivers license taken away when he was on a skateboard! XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by RB26DETT »
    ROFL! why would he get his drivers license taken away when he was on a skateboard! XD
    He`ll get his skateboard license taken away as well as his skateboard.


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