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    Default Midnight Club: Los Angeles Customisation Trailer

    Now this is niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. I hope TDUteam are taking notes!
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    VERY nice, i can't wait for it, i've just started playing MC3 again and that was a great game.

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    Hmmm, I thought this is what everyone specifically didnt want in TDU? :P

    Very nice though!

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    Very good choice of custimization there, and love the way that they went for a rally car replica look rather than an OTT car. And the interior customisation is immense.

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    Yeah, that's the only thing i've wanted, proper interior customization. NFS:PS gave us Sparco and BRIDE seats, Juiced 2 gave us Momo wheels and random seats (even though they claim gauges and screens before it came out), and finally we have some proper customization. And a Solstice .

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    i am 100% geting this game.
    lol i am already desidin what car to have

    *day dreams about a white R8 with black rims*
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