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    Default My Car @ Edition 38

    Hi Guys,

    Been a looooooooooooong time since ive been on here, due to BT and I think some of you have removed me from your friends list :P anyway, here is my car as it sat just 4 days ago at the biggest Dub show this side of the atlantic

    A Few of the most noticable changes are the black badges, black wing mirrors and the new splitter aswel as the grills at the front end have been changed

    The New TV

    Going mad with stickers


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    sweet car dude! i love the rims! though, i'm not a fan of the stickers on your rear window.

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    It looks much better with the new grills IMO. And Transformers ftw!!

    My dad's getting a screen similar to yours soon but he's either going with Alpine or Pioneer.

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    Yer the grills look fantasic, very tastfully done
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    Thanks guys, you'll be amoungst the first to see my plans, this is how it will look come January


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    Omygod, I love it You have a TV xW *flaps*

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    I love it, rims and everything!

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    thats neat

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    Bloomin Eck - talk about stretched tyres !


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