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  1. FAO darkdesign: Any help here guys?
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    Hey guys I had a member called darkdesign leave this in my profile messages and I was wondering if any of you guys could help him out, thanks!
    Quote Originally Posted by darkdesign
    Please help me..
    hello, can u tell me how can i change my car rims..sorry my english is bad.. i want to change original rims with my custom rims < > ..what program i need? Photoshop? please give me a little tutorial how can i change...thx so much i waiting your response!
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  2. FAO darkdesign: Any help here guys? Comments
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    It's not possible as far as I know to create new rims. However you can modify them, using this tutorial - - He'll just need to find some rims which look the same, then add the 'AEM' in the middle when at the photoshop stage.
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