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    Default the best sounding car or bike

    what car or bike do u think do u think sounds the best

    i think its the ford gt or the carmaro zz they sound amazing

    edit:in tdu
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    In the game or real life?
    In TDU id say best sounding is either the Ford GT, or the sound modded Ascari KZ1!
    But in real life it'd have to be a Mercedes AMG, or a Alfa Romeo GTV6 or Alfa Romeo 8C!

    In game.. they all sound the same.. but K'wak ZX-10R!
    Real life.. a Ducati Desmosedici RR, or 1098 or GP8, but favourite Honda RC211V/RC212V, or RCV Road Bike, or CBR1000RR..
    Oh wait! CBR 954RR!
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    In TDU, I like the sound of the 300C and the Ford GT

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    Dodge Challenger
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  5. sh00t t0 thri11 is offline drive fast crash last
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    well i downloaded the F40 the other day and i love the sound it makes so i think ill have to go with that

  6. DriftNismo is offline 87 Civic GT
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    MV Agusta F4 Tamburini or the Ninja ZX10-R i think sound the best for bikes, and for cars i'll have to go for the Nissan 350Z (not the Nismo one, the normal one), the Ferrari F40, the Ferrari 250GTO or the McLaren F1 GTR.

  7. gingervette is offline Corvette = Win
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    in the game:
    The McLaren F1 LM, Corvette Z06, or any of the Lamborghinis

    in real life:
    hands down the best sounding car in the world is the Porsche Carerra GT

  8. CJ Stinger is offline Not Stereotyped...
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    In the game my snotter FORD GT!

  9. Il Dire is offline oderint dum metuant
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    my favorite over all: Ford GT

    V12: Lamborgini Mucilago
    oldschool V12: Lamborgini Miura
    V10: Dodge Viper SRT-10
    V8: Ford GT
    oldschool V8: General Lee (Dodge Charger)
    V6: Farboud GTS
    I6: TVR Sagaris
    oldschool I6: Aston Martin DB4 Zagato
    I4: MV Augusta F4
    V2: Ducati 999R

  10. TheAmazingNacho is offline GTA IV Stunt Driver
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    My favorite car has to be the Ascari KZ1. I love driving it.

    As for bikes, I like the sound of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX12R.

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    Corvette Z06

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    RUF RGT, seriously I think TDU got this car pretty close. Turn your telly up, jump to Ford Island and just turn the engine on, listen as it purrs away then rev it gently and it sounds like an engine not some gradual pitch increase like some of the other cars. The GT500 is also a very good sounding car, but if I had to say what had the best it would have to be the Ducati's. From comparing to videos I've found of stock bikes these sound near identical, even down to the sound the 999R makes when returning to idle. It's hard to describe but try it yourself, there's a sort of rumble before it returns to idle. Makes me smile when I hear it.
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    well its got to be the lamborghini murcielago or the ford gt i dont tend to drive the muscle cars so cant say i like the sound of them.
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