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    Default PC Building: OEM vs Retail

    Been surfing the interweb trying to spec this PC I'm going to attempt to build when I stumbled across this thread about what version of Vista which in turn turns into a OEM vs Retail debate on Vista.

    For those who cannot be bothered to read all the thread, the most important part of the thread which is an email from MS explaining what "DIY/selfbuilders" should use.

    OEM versions are designed to be preinstalled on PCs that are sold to third parties, therefore, if you are installing the OEM version on a PC for your own use, this requirement would not be met. Therefore, a retail version is the appropriate licensing vehicle.

    Please see the terms of the OEM license at : Section 2 of this license says specifically:
    Authorized Distribution and Acceptance. To distribute the Software or Hardware in this Pack, you must be a System Builder and accept this license. “System Builder” means an original equipment manufacturer, an assembler, a refurbisher, or a software pre-installer that sells the Customer Syste(s) to a third party.
    Also – please see the page at which as significant information on this topic.
    We don’t have a problem with you posting this on the forum.

    Thank you,
    Microsoft OEM Internet Business Support
    oh and if your not a microsoft partner you may not be able to access the second link but this is what it says at the top of the page
    Windows Licensing for
    Do-It-Yourself PC HobbyistsBackground
    There is a growing market for “do-it-yourself” home PC hobbyists who assemble PCs from components for their own use. Microsoft retail software licenses are the appropriate licenses for the do-it-yourself market. OEM System Builder software is not intended for this use, unless the PC that is assembled is being resold to another party
    So if this is the case, do other OEM components/software available on the market thus voiding any warrenty on the products you buy??

    Just a thought and wondered what other fellow system builders thought.
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    Oooh erh, well I knew that I had no warranty anyway ... so I guess this doesn't affect anything =] I think they're just saying you don't get any help from them if it goes wrong. Whereas you do with Retail. But for £60 compared to £180 I was prepared to have this. I can have 3 OEM OSs for cheaper than 1 Retail ...
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.


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