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  1. MM166: Tokyo Drift Shelby GT 500
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    Just paint your Shelby GT 500 in dark green with white stripes and put on this oz rims I attached and you have your Tokyo Drift Shelby GT 500.
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  2. MM166: Tokyo Drift Shelby GT 500 Comments
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    Seems like nice work, have any piccys?

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    Is the rims actually OZ rims? cause if they are normal rims just painted black then its not really a full car mod. Which doesn't belong in this forum.

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    Default Oz Rims

    As you can see rims are real i just painted them in black

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    The Mustang used in Tokyo Drift was a Mustang GT390 lmfao!
    But this looks good.. it sorta.. works
    Good work!
    Car looking niceeeeeeeeeee!
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    I think this thread must be here Sorry for my english.

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    Can I ask, what is different about the body mod? Or is it just rims? Excuse my ignorance, but I never drive this car and want to make sure it's in the correct place
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    uh thats nice, im gonna make my first simple realease soon.
    somthing whit rims that are forgotten, and file changing.
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    But what is the point of writing things here when im barely online...

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    Judging from the description MM166 provided no body modifications included.

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    I think to top it off, it should have one of the more powerfull engines from one of the Nissans (like in the movie) or mabey a similar engine from the cars on TDU? Skyline or 350z would be nice

    Great job though, really nice looking GT500

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    can i have the OZ silver painted rims?
    don't really like black rims..
    thx dude..

    my email: [email protected]

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    cool! im goin 2 put a modded skyline engine sound on it so as it sounds like it does in the movie! thanks dude!

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    I can't really see the rims, could you post more screens?
    BTW i'm not a bad person if you're thinking about it

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    it does not even have they right wheels the are not oz racing wheels they are sposed to be volk gt-7


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