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    Default Subaru Impreza Sti

    Hello all ,

    Ive seen alote of great cars comming up such as the Veyron and there are great suggestions comming out , so here is what I would LOVE to see in TDU...since there isint any Subaru it would be great too have one of the best cars out there, the Subaru Impreza Wrx Sti. Here some pic's

    First Pic.. ( Best model )

    Second Pic.

    Thanks , ... just hope to see my dream comme true

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    99 were the best for me, and nothing and I mean nothing in the Impreza's history can surpass the P1.
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    My favorite is the 2006. Please make this, someone!


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    Wow i had to dig deep to find this post! Well, sorry for "thread Necromancy" but i must say that if i could have ANY car in TDU, if the Subaru Impreza WRX Sti from 2006 or 2007 (same Body anyways) was in TDU... then i would only drive it, and it ONLY.

    I say this because its got 300 HP under a BOxer Engine, a stock Turbo ( iirc the 2006's have a VF39 while the 2007's have a VF43, which has a different wastegate actuator than the VF39.) 4 Wheel Drive, for turning on a dime.

    And best of all The gear ratios of second, third and fourth gears have been made longer in order to improve fuel economy and driveability, which inadvertently reduces 1/4 mile times due to the ability to trap 114 mph (~183 km) in 4th gear, without the shift to 5th.

    I lalso ask this because i dont have enough modeling experince in any modelling program to make my own 2007 Sti in TDU. Otherwise i would.

    I was wondering if anyone was working on one or not. If so please us know by posting, I wouldn't want to be wishing for something if it were to never happen.
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    And still no one has made the Subaru PLEASE MODDERS

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    Yeah, to be honest my favorite is the P1 too . But I do like the look of the S201, looks pretty weird for a Subaru production car:

    (The picture above is of the Electra concept but the S201 looked the exact same, minus the roof scoop).

    And I'm pretty sure Tool is doing one in his big car pack, I could be mistaken though. If someone does make one though, there's a pretty good sound for one that comes in the TDU Modding Tools folder (if you download it) but it's for the 350Z, and it really wasn't put together very well, but it has that generic, horrible (IMO) grumbling sound.

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    My fav

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    ugly go old style the square bodied one looks meaner
    like this one

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    Just decide which one to make...

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    Please check the date of the last post before you post. Its from last year.

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    i think this one is better
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    well, renky asked here for that subaru, and cuban legend wrote, that all subaru-requests should get in here, so i thought it is alright, even tho the date =/

    edit: on a sidenote: I dont think, that this is a "which subaru is the best in the world!!!!111oneoneone"-thread. the 04 subaru is alright, its got 280hp stock, but the new one is a friggin hatch w/ 300hp (afaik)
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    Did he even look I wonder...

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    Well the 2006 Subaru WRX STI sure is my favorite Impreza model.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LamborghiniLover »
    YEee im with you the hatcback would be nice

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    The Subaru 2006 are the best model... Please someone, do it!
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