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    Cool nintendo gamecube smashing ??

    here we got a lill' movie of youtube

    the core of the story is this

    the lill' brother think's it's his gamecube, but the one he smashes, is just a fake one !!

    not for softie's !!!!!!! (u could lose some tears to )


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    Default Re: nintendo gamecube smashing ??

    Seen thats, bit tight but halerius. Don't get this though, how did he recored it?
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  3. Who
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    Default Re: nintendo gamecube smashing ??

    not like its a big loss, &#163;18 at cash generator gets you a new one

    very tight
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    Default Re: nintendo gamecube smashing ??

    That kid got owned, big time!
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    Default Re: nintendo gamecube smashing ??

    Lol, thats hilarious. It would of been more funny if he had actually broke the kids gamecube.

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    Talking Re: nintendo gamecube smashing ??


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    Default Re: nintendo gamecube smashing ??

    still proves that Nitendo makes good consoles but they just made it somehow bad at details and styling and those stuff...and PS2 is the worst lol!!Xbox 360 would be quite cool though i think
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    the kid was just being a ass, i wouldnt tell him it was a fake for like 1 or 2 days

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    LOL, genious!
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    HAHA Hilarious


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