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  1. BasBas2004: Nissan Skyline w/o Wing & Quad Exhaust
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    Nissan Skyline w/o Wing & Quad Exhaust [v1.0?]
    Replaces: Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R
    Creator: BasBas2004



  2. BasBas2004: Nissan Skyline w/o Wing & Quad Exhaust Comments
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    This Skyline look great for me.

    Please erase spoiler from chrysler crossfire coupe for me.

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    Look's good

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    Hey Basbas mate, is there anyway of getting your exhaust from your other vehicle:

    And putting it on this car ?

    I love having no spoiler on this car, But I'd at least like to see a cannon on it, So i love this because it has no spoiler, and i hate the other one for having a spoiler, but i love the exhaust, Hahahaha.... Anyway of getting a cannon like in your other skyline onto this car please?

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    good i hate the skyline spoiler

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    Default PLEASE!!!!

    I Love What You Did With The Exhaust, But I Prefer The Original Spoiler And If You Could Post A Link For That It Would Be Perfect.....Thanks Sooo Much... REPPPPPPP

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyle eaton »
    I Love What You Did With The Exhaust, But I Prefer The Original Spoiler. It Would Be Perfect.
    I Agree also...


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